Reformist Strategist: Saeed Hajjarian

Since protesters first took to the streets after Iran’s rigged June 12 presidential election, around 2000 people have been reportedly arrested,….Among the well known figures in detention — the author knows quite a few of them — one particular person stands out, especially in terms of the deep emotions it evokes in the author. This is in part because of his heroic efforts to serve his country, and also because of the high price that he has had to pay, and continues to pay for it. He and the author also knew each other in the 197os, when both were students.This individual is Dr. Saeed Hajjarian, a leading reformist strategist who almost lost his life in 2000 when extremists attempted to assassinate him. This was actually the second attempt on his life. He survived, but never fully recovered. He can barely speak, or walk.Human Rights Watch issued a strongly-worded statement recently, warning that Dr. Hajjarian’s life is in danger… What the hard-liners want or expect from this wounded patriot is beyond the author’s comprehension. But the author has lived long enough and seen enough not to be surprised by anything that the hard-liners do or say. They are willing to go to any length to preserve their grip on power, and the arrest of Dr. Hajjarian, an almost crippled and deeply wounded man, is o… >>>

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