We can put a price on mullahs’ head

We need to set up a web sight, a bank account and advertising. The way it works is that any Iranian can deposit money into bank account directly or through pay pal then he/she report the deposit number to the web sight and pick a name from a list of names of mullahs and their servants on the web sight or add his/her own choice. The web sight shows updated amount for any mullah’s name. All the money collected under any name will be paid to his killer or the killer’s family. Sooner or later the money pool is going to be large enough to get them killed. Remember there is no honor among thieves


1- Legal consequences in US:

2- My name gets picked up by mullahs


1- Open web sight in the name of charity ‘free Iran” and all money are donation to this charity. Names of mullahs on the web sight are a censor on who is most hated in Iran.

2- Deposits to bank account or pay pal can be done under anonymous name since all you need is the deposit number to report to web sight.

Kheradmand boush

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