A true Iranian reformer and his movement

The July 5, 2009 MPG press release also encouraged journalists to contact MPG Advisor Faryar Nikbakht, and pursuant to that invitation, Alyssa Lappen interviewed Mr. Nikbakht, yesterday, July 8, 2009. During the interview, Nikbakht further elucidated the MPG’s ideals and goals, consistent with what Farahanipour has expounded previously. Nikbakht’s thoughtful responses about the prospects for reform in Iran contrast starkly with the unfettered emotionalism on display elsewhere. Odd, non-sequitur speculations about the murderous former Prime Minister Mir Hossein Mousavi somehow morphing into an acceptable politician, are conspicuously absent from Nikbakht’s statements. Instead, although hopeful, and imbued with measured optimism, Nikbakht acknowledges the very inchoate nature of the contemporary Iranian reform movement, and openly professes having no idea about the extent to which MPG’s vision for a truly secular, democratic Iran is shared by the Iranian populace.  However, one of Nikbakht’s most lucid responses demonstrates that he rejects the anti-women’s rights agenda of Mo… >>>

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