With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

Iranian expatriates, groups, organizations and web sites have now joined in with the various non Iranian activist movements, which seem to love Iran more than do the Iranians themselves, and whose aim is supposedly to promote freedom and democracy or to defend human rights in Iran. Most expatriate Iranians have started petitions asking the Obama administration to abandon soft diplomacy and to get tough with the Islamic Republic; in other words, to strengthen what they perceive to be a gathering momentum for an impending regime change in Tehran. Even the former prince, Reza Pahlavi has, once again, appealed to the Israeli regime to support the opposition movement in Iran. Of course, he and everybody else know why!

Meanwhile, the English speaking media and our official pronouncements about Iran employ a highly crafted language with powerful subliminal messages for the unwary. The BBC, for example, refers to the Bsiji militia as the “loyalists”! This is like calling the volunteer National Guard here a “loyalist” group. Mrs. Clinton misses no opportunity to sound insultingly acrimonious when warning Iran that the Islamic Republic better not test America’s patience in complying with the demands of a superior. And the Israeli regime makes sure that everyone, particularly the Iranian regime, sees its naval fleet approaching within striking distance of Iran’s sensitive strategic targets.

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