Obama is Dead Wrong On Dimplomacy And Engagement With I.R. Iran

A leading Iranian expert, Shaul Bakhash, says despite the crackdown against the Iranian opposition, “the crisis isn’t over” in Iran. Bakhash says what had been a fairly cautious speech by former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, as well as a call for a referendum from another former president, Mohammad Khatami, have given new life to the opposition. He says “the reaction to Rafsanjani’s speech has been quite electric and perhaps unintentionally, he reopened the whole debate.” Making, the policy of engaging Iran, which the Obama administration has advanced, is clearly now problematical. How do you sit with representatives of a government that hasn’t won a legitimate election and which has brutally suppressed peaceful demonstrations and protests? I understand the rationale for the desire for the United States to pursue engagement with Iran, but perhaps this is not the moment to do that; and I see no reason to rush into discussions with Iran and not wait for the dust to settle.The Obama policy towards Iran has been flawed from conception and is in dire need of revision. Further, his public silence and avoidance of a humanitarian issue in Iran, for the sake of non-interference on the political issue, illustrated his lack of understanding in relation not only to Iran and The United States but to the global repercussions. (Source(s) CFR)



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