Supreme Leader’s brother: Mousavi revived revolutionary ideals

Source: ILNA In a meeting with a number of recently freed detainees of the post-vote-unrest, Seyyed Hadi Khamenei, the Supreme Leader’s younger brother, criticized the Guardians (Council) of the constitution for weakening the law and causing the people’s loss of trust. Expressing joy over the release of the detainees, Khamenei said, “You are all devoted members of society who have love for the Revolution and Islam and the recent incidents should not dispirit you or cause you to have doubts about the path you have chosen.” The former lawmaker went on to praise Mir Hossein Mousavi for reviving the ideals and slogans of the Revolution in recent months. “Rest assured that if you are fighting for a godly cause, he will guide you, just as in the past days he has brought people closer and united them in a sacred path.” “One of the achievements in recent months has been having the scientific, cultural and artistic élites come to the scene. They firstly encouraged the people to participate in the election and secondly raised public awareness about the cultural, social and economical needs of the country. After the election they [the elite] are still with the people and are with exemplary creativity strengthening and spreading the green wave.” 


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