Report: Iran authorities kill 7 lawyers

Seven lawyers in Tabriz and Mashhad who had been representing young Iranians detained in post-presidential election protests have been killed by the Iranian authorities in recent days, according to sources in Iran. Their deaths have deterred other lawyers from taking detainees’ cases, they added. The sources spoke to The Jerusalem Post by telephone, and requested that their identities remain undisclosed for their own security.

In Tabriz, Iran’s fourth-largest city, the bodies of five lawyers were returned to their families earlier this week, the sources said. The five had been representing some of the hundreds of Iranians detained in the northwestern city during the post-election protests. They were then themselves accused of disrupting security and encouraging unethical actions against the regime, and were sentenced to three years each in jail. Three of them then died from injuries suffered during their detention. They were so badly beaten that their families could barely recognize their faces, this reporter was told.

The other two – prominent figures in the local community – were executed, having been sentenced to death on trumped-up charges of drug possession, the sources said.”These men did everything they could to help those people who had been wrongfully detained,” one source said. “The two more prominent figures were made an example of by the regime – hence the … >>>

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