Embassy workers on trial in Iran

Two Iranian employees of the British and French embassies in Tehran and a French teacher are among a group on trial in Iran after its disputed poll.

Hundreds were arrested during violent protests that erupted in the wake of the 12 June presidential election.

Those on trial are accused of acting against Iran’s national security by taking part in the protests and spying.

Opposition leaders say such proceedings are “show trials”. The French and UK governments say they are “outrages”.

Last week more than 100 people appeared in court in Tehran on charges including conspiracy. Several leading reformers were among the detainees.

There are reports that riot police dispersed a large crowd, including relatives of defendants, from outside the court.

‘Spying for foreigners’

This is the second group trial of those accused of taking part in the post-election unrest. Reformist lawmakers and journalists were among the group, all wearing grey prison clothes.

Hossein Rassam, the most senior Iranian employee at the British embassy, is accused of “spying for foreigners”, Iranian state media quoted the judge as saying.

Mr Rassam was held after the protests with eight other embassy colleagues and later released on bail.

Prosecutors accuse him of monitoring the riots on the ground along with two UK diplomats who have since been expelled. >>>

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