Accurate summary of Baha’i teachings can be found here :

1. A good, brief and accurate summary of Baha’i teachings can be found here:…

2. Baha’is everywhere work to promote principles of mutual respect, tolerance, human dignity, peace and justice. The Baha’i community is strictly non-partisan in character and embraces principles of non-adversarial, democratic decision-making. Baha’u’llah did emphasize the need for humanity to develop new social structures based on participation and consultation among the world’s peoples. This is an inevitable part of an enduring global peace but clearly the human race is only now beginning to understand this. In no way do Baha’is seek to impose their beliefs on others. For an overview of these ideas see the statement ,”The Promise of World Peace,” a 1985 message of the governing body of the Baha’i community to world leaders:

3. The fact that the 300,000 Baha’is in Iran have voluntarily disbanded their administrative organization in response to the unjust demands of the Iranian government, and that this community does not resist the harsh measures of persecution being directed against it except for drawing attention to the persecution, provides a true indication of the Baha’i spirit.

4. Since the time of Baha’u’llah, Baha’is have refrained from spreading their faith in the Holy Land. The only Baha’is in Israel are those who serve as volunteers in maintaining the Baha’i holy places and the administrative activities relating to the global community. This is an internal decision of the Baha’i community out respect for the peoples of that land. The blog mentioned,” ” is in fact a fiction—created by opponents of the Baha’is trying to create the impression that Baha’is are seeking converts in Israel, which as indicated above is absolutely not the case.

5. One of the central Baha’i beliefs is the independent investigation of truth. Critical thinking and fair questioning is thus strongly encouraged. Faith is a matter of conscience. As people are free to embrace the Baha’i teachings, they are free to leave the Baha’i community without any stigma whatsoever. Baha’is continue to associate with all in a spirit of love and fellowship. In the few rare cases where individuals seek to undermine or distort basic Baha’i beliefs or seek personal leadership, the community avoids interaction with them while respecting their basic civil rights. This is a reasonable course of action for any faith community or voluntary association.

5. There is no schism in the Baha’i community. There are more than 5 million Baha’is around the globe. Splinter groups involved in the current court proceedings have at most a few hundred followers.
Those proceedings are about narrow issues of trademark use and impersonation of Baha’i institutions, not freedom of belief.

6. The best way to understand the tenets, activities and goals of the Baha’is is to meet them and participate in their devotions, study sessions or social initiatives. The food is usually really good!…

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