Is wearing a ‘Hitler moustache’ a good idea?

 comedian has grown a toothbrush moustache in an attempt to break its association with Adolf Hitler. So how did people react and could it ever be fashionable? Moustaches come in all sorts of styles but the sight of a toothbrush moustache, with its narrow width and straight, untapered sides, is very rare.

Since World War II it has not been popular, but long before Hitler rose to power, the toothbrush was the signature look of Charlie Chaplin.

Chaplin even played on his likeness to the German leader by sending him up in The Great Dictator, although when filming stopped his false moustache would be packed away with his trademark walking stick and hat.

Now comedian Richard Herring is sporting a toothbrush moustache for his Edinburgh show, Hitler Moustache, in which he rails against voter apathy and the BNP.


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