pictory: British & US News Reel on Mossadegh and the Oil Crisis (1951)

Several British and US News Reels from the 1950’s Oil Crisis Years with Prime Minister Mohamed Mossadegh. (circa 1951-1953)

Persia And Its Oilfields 02/07/1951 


Mousaadeq Arrives in New York 15/10/1951


Britain Takes Iran To The UN Over Abadan 08/10/1951

Crisis in Abadan 2/07/1951

Harriman Arrives in Iran for Oil Crisis Talks in Tehran

British Oil Delegation Returns From Persia 27/08/1951

Tehran 1951 Demonstrations 19/07/1951

Britain Leaves Abadan Oil Fields  13/09/1951

The Shah reistablishes friendly relations with Britain in his visit. 21/02/1955



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