A sight for granted, never…

Past grandmother’s stories,

Beyond yesterdays’ lingering


Above clouds of the moment’s


There is a rendezvous with destiny –


To unlock the lock, I must endure this pain,

To harness the journey’s craft, I must negotiate with

The stones on this path,

To kill the monsters, I must be willing to die first

And then watch how my ashes shall rise against

Another day’s sunrise.


To each scar, there must be a new

Meaningful note added,

To each roadblock, there must be

A new sign-post erected reading,

“this way please…”

To each teardrop, there must

Be a follow-up heartfelt “sigh,”

To each majesty of a rose opening up

To the morning sun there must be

A message delivered,

“that I shall never take this

Glory teaching sight for granted….”

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