Top 10 reasons Islam is not good for Iran

With the exception of brave men and women who are opposing/suffering under the IRI.

10-  Turned  a proud and equal woman into a domestic servant and sex object with limited rights and no freedoms.  

9- Turned a happy nation with many happy festivals like Mehrega, Sadeh and Now Rooz into a sad and mourning nation always crying for the some Arab dead.

8- Turned a virtuous truth loving nation into a nation of taghieh and white lies , lying is the norm.

7- Turned a goftaareh Nik nation into one of the most vulgar language nations on earth only rivaled by its Arab brothers.

6- Turned a sovereign democratic nation into the number 1 terrorist sponsor nation on earth.   

5- Turned an advanced society into one of the most superstitious nations on earth.   

4- Turned a life loving nation into a dead and grave worshipping nation.

3- Turned beautiful Persian names into often meaningless Arabic names and imposing barbaric Arab customs.

2- Turned Iran into an intolerant Shiite state with no rights for others and death , torture and rape for everyone opposing it.

1- Islam is turning Iran into a Slum.

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