Mossadegh and Amnesty for Razmara’s Assassin

A monarchist has alleged that “One of the least talked about and most shameful political appeasements performed by the so-called law-abiding and democracy loving prime minister, meaning Mossadegh, was passing a bill through the Majles (mordad 1331) which freed Razma Ara’s murderer, Khalil Tahmasebi. Mossadegh who needed Ayatollah Kashani’s support called Razm Ara mofsede fil araz and mahdour ol dam (one whose blood is halal to be shed).”

Lets see what Professor Eravand Abrahamian, one of the most prominent historian of Iran, writes about this issue:

Ervand Abrahamian, Khomeinism: Essays on the Islamic Republic (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993)., pp. 108. The passage in available in the internet at:

As early as November 1951, the British Embassy reported that Kashani was so disgruntled with Mosaddeq that he had put out “feelers” in many directions, including the royal court and the U.S. Embassy. “The Americans,” reported the British Embassy, “have told us in the strictest confidence that he [ Kashani] has been in touch with them. His main thesis is the danger of communism and the need for immediate American aid.” Similarly, in May 1952 the head of the British intelligence service in Tehran reported that a prominent royalist had boasted to him that the “shah’s astute policies” had detached Kashani from Mosaddeq. He added, “I did not dispute this but would put on record that the detaching of Kashani was due to quite other factors, and that these factors were created and directed by the brothers Rashidian.” (The Rashidian brothers were the main conduit of British intelligence service money into Iran.)

Kashani’s opposition to Mosaddeq came into the open by mid-1953 once the latter issued a referendum to dissolve Parliament, drafted an electoral bill enfranchising women, tended to favor state enterprises over the bazaar, refused to ban alcohol, and declined amnesty to assassins from the Fedayan-e Islam.

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