Iran is complicating the 21st century

The secretariat of the Israel Defense Forces High Command, which is situated like a subtenant in the chief of staff’s bureau, is waiting for the conclusion of the legal proceedings against Louis Mascuta, the corporal who allegedly got the better of a lieutenant general by photographing for his private use the latter’s credit card details. The handgun Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi received from a high-ranking visitor, General John Craddock, was placed in the souvenirs cabinet. At the time of his visit to Israel, at the beginning of this year, Craddock, in line with NATO practice, served in a dual capacity as commander of its military operations and as head of EUCOM, the U.S. European Command. The Colt pistol he presented to Ashkenazi is a Peacemaker, the model that gained glory in the Wild West. Advertisement Craddock retired this summer and was replaced in both capacities by Admiral James Stavridis. He invites all those interested to follow his career via Facebook and Twitter, and he also has a blog, called “From the Bridge,” of his musings and travels. For sure, in his blog he will heap praise on Israel and the IDF. The country that has hosted him and he badmouthed in return has yet to be found. The head of EUCOM oversees the American part of a joint EUCOM-IDF, missile-rich exercise codenamed Juniper Cobra. In this series of biennial maneuvers the missile-intercept forces… >>>

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