Meet Iran’s new terrorist Defence Minister

For anyone who still naively believes the West can engage the Islamist regime in Tehran (and that includes the Obama administration and the Brown government) think again. The next Iranian Defence Minister will almost certainly be General Ahmad Vahidi, wanted by Interpol (along with four other Iranians) for the infamous 1994 anti-Semitic terrorist attack on a Jewish centre in Buenos Aires, that claimed 85 lives.

The Sunday Telegraph’s Philip Sherwell profiled Vahidi back in November 2007 when he served as deputy defence minister, and identified him as a major player in Iran’s nuclear programme:

“Ahmad Vahidi, a brigadier-general in the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guards, is in charge of the regime’s defence procurement and rocket and missile programme. The role would put him at the heart of the secret nuclear bomb project that Western intelligence claims Iran is pursuing. Gen Vahidi was the commander of the Quds (Jerusalem) Force, the Guards’ international operations wing accused by the West of organising foreign terrorist activities, at the time of the deadliest attack on a Jewish target since the Second World War.”

“Gen Vahidi ran the … >>>

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