Kseniya Simonova’s culture breaking art of story telling through sand animating.

Kseniya Simonova (born 1985) is a sand animator from Ukraine who recently won the “Ukraine’s got talent” award. Using a giant light box, poignant music, lively imagination and a marvelous magical sand painting talent, she portrays her images of life during Ukraine’s Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany.  

This beautiful creative 24 year old artist first started making these type of drawings last year on the beach. Her imaginal meanderings gradually progressed to a unique way of telling a moving human story on a moving sand canvass. Using nothing but sand and her hands, she creates amazing images that speak to the core of humanity. Anyone whose country has been torn apart through war, occupation or invasion can relate to her artistic story. And witness with what confident, emotive use of strokes of hands and fingers, she transfers her mental images into evolving visual images on sand, right before our very eyes!

The seemingly effortless manner in which she moves her hands and fingers on her sand canvass, harmonizing every stroke with a moving piece of music is simply awe-inspiring. A well deserved tearful response and standing ovation by the audience. This is what’s known as real art and a talented artist.








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