DON’T Come By Busses, Planes, Trains, Or Automobiles!

Back in June when all this current election aftermath started and the original rallies in support of the protesting Iranians and eventually regime change were being held internationally, this idea of fake unity was first debated. In my research it seems to have originated with the 99.9% trash on Tehrangeles (Los Angeles, CA) television and factions of French Iranian activists. By fake unity I mean forcing or coercing Iranians to unite under one flag or no flag at these so called “Freedom” rallies.

Unfortunately, these organizers do not understand the basic principles of Freedom. A clear example was recently posted on

“We ask that you please not bring nation flags. We all love our countries and their symbols but at this action we strive for a united event with a message that doesn’t appear factional. We offer people the option of a green-white-red flag with no emblem in the middle or with a positive text.”

(On a tangent WTF does this mean: “We all love our countries”; I thought this was about Iran, a country)

Do you see the inherent problem with us Iranians? We have never had real Freedom so no one knows what it is. Asinine! I can read a book and understand a concept or ideology; maybe these so-called organizers should first understand what they are advocating before they advocate it. That is if they are actually advocating Freedom for Iran.

As an Iranian, I hereby invite every human being that believes in the struggle for Human Rights and Liberties to attend the UN rally; and everyone attending may voice their beliefs as they deem fit.




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