Assembly of Experts must look into arrest of Montazeri’s 3 grandsons

TWO BEST QUESTIONS: If it is Montazeri this time, which grand Ayatollah will be targeted through his kids next time?  On what grounds were they arrested?

As in so many other cases,  no grounds are needed under Khamenei’s  military dictatorship, though fictional ones can be created at the Supreme Leader’s whim.   

The timing tells you both the reason and the purpose.  Montezari’s grandsons were arrested the day after he accurately pointed out that Khamenei has allowed the Islamic Republic to become a military dictatorship.

Like Ahmadinejad’s suit against another Grand Ayatolah, the purpose is the same: intimidation.  Even the Grand Ayatollahs are not immune.  We’ve recently seen Khamenei use the same tactic against opposition leaders, “Shut up or I’ll arrest your kids and then you know what may happen to them?”   Khamenei’s misrule is shameless and violates the constitution.

The item is mentioned in a brief paragraph at Enduring America which then provides the following link in Persian which I can’t read.  Perhaps someone can translate.

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