Migrants at sea are not toxic cargo!

When I first saw this article “Migrants at sea are not toxic cargo” I thought here is another report about Immigrants and the tough times they have to go through. Ok it is still that too but when I really thought about it, it makes me wonder where we as the human race are headed.

This is a busy shipping channel, how many ships from how many countries  must have past them and left them for someone else to deal with or die.  There is no direct conflict here with these poor souls so desparate to leave the hell hole of where ever they were living that they took such a risk to arrive any where else. They had a hope that the world they were going to was better than the one they left behind them… they had hope in humanity and it let them down. 

What must have gone through the mind of those people who made that decision? How can they sleep at night knowing they could have prevented those deaths?  I can not understand this. Perhaps those people might have ended up in a holding place or similar but there was a chance for them. 

IF this is how we as the human race respond to such desparate measures as those people took, there is no hope for humanity and we are no longer distinct from any of animal walking the planet. 

It is becoming a very sad world to be part of.

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