GOD IS DEAD … Nietszche .

How many more head banging by man kind to the walls of ignorance must take place till people wake up and realise that GOD has nothing to do with any human destiny and the governance of their political and social matters and finaly they must take their own destiny in their own hands .   In our Persian language the meaning of GOD is Khoda , futher expanding it , it would mean , ” beh khod A ta beh khodaei rassi ” . it is a kind of self realisation , enlightment to one’s potentiale , however it would take a lots of Meditation and self education  .   Those Indian Yogi have achieved the ultimate state of a superior human being  but Iranian do not need to become a Yogi to achieve some kind of enlightment  .   I admire the Prophets of our time , these people were the real Prophets of man kind such as ,Sigmund Freud , Karl Marx , Newton , Enstein , Engels , and many many more , we must study them deeply rather than studying that PYCHOPATHIC book of the Murderers of Medineh which from it’s begining till it’s end it is all about killing ,Raping .and stealing the non believers of Islam, what kind of fucked up GOD would do that to his own creatures ??!!  The stores of these Liars , Cheaters and Bastards would be one day closed for good , these Merchand of Heaven and Hell .     I suggest the readings of Freud espcially his “TOTEM AND TABOU” , i will talk about his TOTEM AND TABOU later on , this is a master piece of Freud’s discovery and it is a huge leap towards undrestading the origine of TOTEMISME ( and the foundation of religion based on that ) ….   Till next time .   National Democratic Republic Of Iran . [for Iran] .               

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