If I Were…

If I ever were BALD

I would not be appalled

My pate, tea would scald

Play cricket securely walled


If I had dog EAR

Ridicule I would never fear

I will ever for myself cheer

I will remain in top gear


If I had squint EYE

I will never feel shy

Before U, always will be I

All will say, “my my”


If I had a bulbous NOSE

Never be blocked or close

I look good when I pose

The beauty and her rose


If I had thick LIP

In cream I will dip

Many stories I will whip

Lemonade will I ever sip


If I had buck TEETH

My tongue they will sheath

My face will look a heath

Who cares what lies beneath?


With these, I can compete with MONALISA

I will then climb Leaning Tower Of Pisa

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