Here is a fragment of the famous poem of Homeland composed by American author Jack London (12 January 1876-22 November 1916):

Beautiful homeland, my own dear homeland
Deep in my heart dwells a love for Thee evermore
To Thee returning, my heart is yearning for the great mountain, thy peaceful great vales.
In many foreign lands a wonderer I strolled
Oft have their wonders and their beauties been extolled
But none can compare with Thee, on fairest on earth
And none shall I love as Thee, O land of my birth
Homeland: Homeland

Inspired by the said poem, this author composed the poem of My Homeland is My Identity that reads as follows:

I never say I am like this or like that
I never say I was the first who took that path
I only say Iran is the place of my birth
And it is one of the best in the face of earth

It was the site of early civilization of Elam
The birth-place of Zoroaster, Hafez, Rumi, and Khayyam
The homeland of great scholar Avicenna
The man authored the Book of Healing in Law

It is where the poet Ferdowsi was born
His epic book of Shahnameh is globally well-known
It is the homeland of Saadi, the Master of Verses and Prose
He who wrote Gollestan, the Garden of Rose

It is the birthplace of many brave heroes
To name a few, they are as follows
Patriots Afsheen, Babak, and Maziyyar
Liberty fighters named as Bagher, Sattar
Yeprem, Samsam, and Assadd-e Sardar

And in my homeland, wherever I go all through
I find gorgeous lookouts full of glow
Sun is pretty and sky is soft and blue
Iran is one of the best in the face of earth
And none shall I love as Thee, O land of my birth

And Here is the Persian text of the above poem:

هویت در مکان است

من نمی گویم چنان یا این چنینم
 ‌کیستم من زاده ی ايران زمینم
 کشور ا فسانه‌ ها ی با ستا نی
 خطه ای من برترازايران نبینم
یا دگا ری از تمدن ‌های ‌ا یلا م
 مانده ا یمن از گزند چرخ ا یا م
 مهد مانی مرز مزدک بوم زرتشت
 سرزمین حا فظ و‌رومی وخیا م
وادی فردوسی توسی ست آن
 اوکه با شهنا مه کرد ايران به‌ نا م
 یا که سینا آن خرد مند مهین
 صا حب قا نون ، شفا ی برترین
 یاهمان نقطه که سعدی آفرید
 تا گلستان ، بوستان آمد پدید
ما من ا فشین و با بک ، ما زیا ر
 مهبط حلا ج ،  مرد ی سربد ار
 یا همان منزلگه ستار آزادی طلب
 اسعد و صمصام وباقر، یپرم عیسی نسب
 یا سرای مرد می برجسته و والا تبار
 نام آنها را نیارم چونکه ازحد بیشمار
جابجایش‌ ، سبزوخرم دلگشاست
 آسما نش ، پا ک وآبی با صفاست
 خطه ای را ، خوشتر از ايران نبینم
 ‌کیستم من زاده ی ايران زمینم : منوچهر سعا دت نوری

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