What if there was no Israel tomorrow?

What if Ahmadinejad woke up tomorrow and there was no Israel?  The entire region now identified as Israel was called Palestine.

How would he divert the attention of the 20 million or so Iranians from real issues facing Iran?  Western Imperialism? But besides Israel which other nation is really a pseudo State of the United States?

There are some who argue that as long as Ahmadinejad pays this 20 million zealots by cash, cherry jobs, university admission and other favors there is no need for an excuse.  Ahmadinejad can start vilifying coke (the soda!) and coca cola corporation will be the newest enemy of Islam, IRI and Palestinians.

Israel has been a gold mine for Islamic clerics for the past 30 years.  Israel’s purpose for Iran is somewhat like the purpose Cuba served for the U.S. from 1958-2000.  No one other than some old Cuban ex pats in Miami cares about Cuba any more.  U.S. sanctions against this quasi nation will probably be lifted soon.  Cuba as a threat to the U.S. even sounds funny now.

The worst thing for Iran is elimination of Israel.  Because in the absence of Israel in the not so friendly neighborhood called the Middle East Iran would become Israel.

So the answer to the question at the top of this blog “What if Ahmadinejad woke up tomorrow and there was no Israel?” would simply be HE WOULD WET HIS PANTS.


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