Ahmadinejad:Why Focus On The Holocaust?

“The second question is, why do Western politicians focus on this issue so much? The third question is how does that event connect with issues that we see around us in the world today?

“We should ask ourselves whether the event did take place; if so, where did it happen, who were the perpetrators, and, what was the role of the Palestinian people? What crime have they committed to deserve what they have received as a result?”

Ahmadinejad said since the beginning of the Israeli occupation, over 5 million Palestinians have become refugees.

“Why is the Holocaust used as a pretext to usurp the land of other people? Why should the Palestinian people give their lives up for it? Who is the occupier here? The United Nations resolutions condemn which occupying regime?” he asked.

“What fair-minded person can accept that an event that happened in Europe results in having his or her land occupied elsewhere in the world?


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