Religion brings for some people wealth and luck and for other people disasters and death.

Religion brings for some people money and power and for other people disaster and death? The religion brings for some people wealth and power and for other people brings unlucky, poorness, and torches. Why? Why the religion brings for some people wealth, respects, power and a nice life and the same religion brings for other people distress, unlucky life, lose of wealth and death with torches? Did you notice these facts?

That the religion is so good for some people and so bad for the other people. It brings wealth, power and respect for some and death and difficulties for others. So some people get so rich and powerful because of religions and the other even will lose their daily bread for having the same religion. Do you think that is right? You read surely the history in which the Emperor let the Christian against the lions in the Amphitheater and they enjoyed of their torching by loins and are eaten by the lions.

Or through the Christian alive in the fire or they through them in a huge pot full of hot oil so they were fried alive in these pots. Or in recent action six million Jew were killed and burned by Hitler in Germany. But may be Mr. Ahmadi Nejad does not believe these facts. And the West they people acts against the people from Middle East like they acts against a terrorists. One time in Iran thirty thousand Bahais are killed and their houses were burned by the ignorant people. Or just now over two hundred Bahais are hanged and shoot, just because they were Bahais. They blamed that they were spy of Israel.

But how a sixteen years girl who is a high school student can be spay with out any access to any government files or information? Or the Moslems in Yugoslavia have been killed. Their crime was just to be Moslem and they killed by Christians and the Bahais are killed by Moslems in Iran. You see the same religious people who are killed as Moslem by Christians, have killed the Bahais. Why the people kill each other because they are born in Christian, Moslem, Jew or Bahai family. Do you think it is fair? And some people get tons of dollars, because they are the leader of a religions, do you think it is also right?

The Christ Jesus has been killed by the people, because he told them Love each other as I loved you. He had so many miracles and as in the Bible mentioned he performed a lot of miracles. We cannot find these miracles performed by Jesus Christ in other history books. Which has been written in his time by other authors? Why the other authors and writer did not mentioned his being and the performance of His miracles? Only in the Bible. He did the death people alive and the people who died before by his touching were alive again. The people who were blind could see again by his touching and the people who could not walk could run by his touching. He gave food to thousand of people by touching the five bread and two fishes. He changed in the wedding party the water to wine.

All of these miracles are written in Bible. The people saw this miracle and did not go after Him and they did not believe in Him. They did not support him? Why the people saw all these miracles could not believe in Him? If you see a man by touching make a dead person alive; you will not believe in him? Or he can give food to thousands of people just by touching five bread peaces and two fishes; still you will not believe in him. All the people who saw all these why they could not believe in Him? Is it not a mysterious situation for you?

May be there was some sort of exaggeration in these stories? And at the end the people let such an extra ordinary man be killed in a cruel way. Is it not amazing for you or not? The people were so indifferent and so cruel that they let such a man be killed and did not do anything against that. The first Imam and the fourth Kalif of Islam has been killed by a Moslem man in the time the he was praying. The Ali the son-in-law of the prophet who brought Islam has been killed by the flower of Islam. Later the Moslems killed whole family of their prophet in a cruel way even they killed their children or the ground children of Mohammad their own prophet. Is all these is not amazing for you?

A person brings a religion and the people believe him that has been sent by God and they believe him and respect him and even fight for him so that the other people should be Mosalman, too. So show that they love him and believe in him and his words and his book, but later they kill his family in a cruel way. All his ground children who were Imam has been killed or poisoned by his flowers, also the Moslems. Why? So many people including the children of Mohammad and his ground children all of them or at least most of them have been killed by his flowers. Do you want such flowers that after you they will kill your family and your children? What type of flowers are these people? Are they really flowers or just they showing that they are flowers? They want power money, nice women and nice life. So they show that they are the flowers, may be in reality they do not believe in none of these. God or Prophets?

May Bahais have been killed recently because they were? Bahais. The people even do not know what they are saying; they want just to kill them, because the clergy people told them so. The Bahai should live in disaster life in Iran, because the clergy people; may be some of them in the power do not like them. The people even do not know what they are saying, but they are willing to kill them and go to the paradise to get hurries. Really the religions want ignorant people who can flow their law without asking and without thinking? From the other side the huge money that the churches, mosques and temples owed is out of imagination.

They have money so much that no calculating machine can reach them. The numbers are so huge and the money is so much. The people who are killed or poisoned by the other Moslem or kings or different people, have the huge graves. They have golden roof and golden couples. They have been killed in cruel way and now they are resting and their grave is full of treasures and gold and nice buildings. Billions of dollars has been spent for their graves. And the people come for pilgrim from far away and sometimes they lose their life to see their grave. Is that not also amazing? In the time they were alive they had miserable life and they have been killed in a cruel way, and now the people are willing to give everything they posses to their grave. The grave of the eight Imam in Mashed is like a place and remembers the thousand and one night story. The wealth of his grave is huge.

But the Kalif of Islam (like the king of Islam) gave him grape to eat and the grape was poisoned before. So he died. The Imam was also the crown prince of the Kalif. The people who believe give everything they have to the church, mosques and temples and the leader of these churches, mosques and temples live like kings and spend money like kings. They are very rich and powerful and they have billions of dollars in their account; may be they save also for the next world, so in the other world after their death they have also billions of dollars. It is clear that between these so called religious leaders, some of them do not believe at all and they just want respect, money and power.

They misuse their positions even to cheat the people and rob them and even make sex with them and their children. Even the young children are not safe from them. Look at the Christian religion, what the Jesus brought was just one religion. But now thousand different interpretations have been done from His words and we have thousand different churches with different names and different way of life and prayers. All of these churches are man made church according to the interpretation and each of them has a leader and generally he or she is rich. Or wealthy. They misuse the Love for Jesus and have done a good business. There is no love in most churches, just there is a new business and they gather money for their own benefit and for having a nice easy life.

I agree that many pastors are nice and friendly and they really believe in God and Love, but also many of them act in their position like a business person. I know many of them who do not even believe in God, they just act so because they want easy money. Some churches do not believe in any other churches and they say to their flowers that all other churches are Satan churches. Only my church is a God church. The churches, mosques and temples are so rich that we cannot imagine. They use the Love of God and Jesus and other facts to make money and they gather huge amount of money from the simple and pure believers. The wrong pastors and religious leader are laughing inside themselves for the simple ness and purity that the people have and give so easily their wealth to the them.

You know that in the middle ages in Europe the bad evil people were church leaders and they even killed the people in cruel ways and gathered they wealth and now in other countries the clergy people do the same thing. The kill people and take their wealth. These people do not believe in nothing and misuse the religion as a device to rob people and take all their money, daughters, and lives and keep them for themselves. They are behind the religions and use religion as an excuse to do what ever they want. Sex, homo sex, robs and kills, all this bad action is done in the name of God and Islam or other religions. I wish there was Love and unity instead of hate and robbing.

The bad people use the name of God or religion to kill and torch other people and gather more and more money and power for themselves. They use the religion like a poison to destroy the people and destroy the society. Instead of helping the poor and give love and brotherhood to the people, they took the money of poor people and make them poorer and take their female and young male for sexual activities. In all religion is told that the people should love each other help each other, be nice to each other and forgive each other. But you see in reality the opposite is performed. The people are killed in the name of Religion, torched in the of God, raped in the name of Islam.

Is it right? Why the people should pay so much money to the religious people and make them from a poor man to a king and now the religious king will rape their children, take their money and kill them. The people because they believe gave them power and money, they trusted them as good people; they through away the king and put the clergy people in the place of kings and now they are cruel and kill the people and they want now the total obedience. They were poor uneducated people and they were in jail, prisons or in other countries in exile and assailant and refugee the people did demonstration and revolution for them , the people are killed for them and brought them to the power and put them in the palace of kings.

The people are killed for them and now they have total power and they forget that they were beggars and poor people; now they want everything. In the past they were happy if they have one room and food and now they have different palaces and billions of dollars, so they want more and more. They were poor people and could not even imagine to have some money and now they have billions of dollars and they are not happy and wants trio yon of dollars. They were in jail and may be they are torched, too. Now they are torching the people who gave them the king palace. I hope that the Love and Unity will be in the place of hate and greed.

A clergy person told to a hooker, that you are a bad girl, you do not work and you do not go after love; you use your body for sex and easy money. The hooker told the clergy person, what ever you said is true and I am that. But are you sure what ever you show you are and whatever you tell you act? The clergy people misuse the lack of knowledge and what ever is good for them tell the people and misuse them as a robot for their wishes. They took their money and their live and their daughters sisters and wives, too. They misuse the respect of people and the indifference of the people and govern them. All the system is useless to perform the just. The corruption governs and the people acts like robots. The ministry of just and insurance companies is in the hand of rich people and they support rich people.

The middle class people are attacked in the whole world and the rich people get richer and richer and they destroy the middle class people. A university teacher after fourty year’s work has no saving at all and a little clergy and a little business man had millions of dollars. Did you hear that a track full of dollars and gold was passing Iranian border to Turkey. In this trailer were eighteen and half billion dollars and gold. So a person in Iran can have so much money. How he gathered so much money? And in the bank of England was in the account of the son of the Iranian religious leader ten billions dollars, how the young man came to this money. You see religion is good for him. He got billions of dollars and the other man the professor is left poor after fourty year’s work and has no saving at all. And the other young man because of Islam and the war lost his two hands and live in a disaster life. The other Bahai man lost his daughter, because the sixteen year old daughter has been hanged up by the court in Shiraz.

You see Islam gives one person billions of dollars, the professor have no penny and the girl should be killed. All because of religions? Is it right? A Persian general should wash the dishes in USA and a son of a clergy man had billions of dollars. How the young boy got billions of dollars? A Persian colonel should work in construction as a simple worker and a clergy man had a palace and billion of dollars in his account. They took people money and put in their name. I wish one day an neutral court will considered these matters. I hope one day Just, Love and Unity will govern the world and disunity, hate and corruption will move from our life. Amen.

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