Religion or Cults are Systems Of Emotional Manipulation

Any cult (by Cult i understand as well all religions of the world that are trying to create a system of Emotional Irrational thoughts to manipulate and orient people’s mind towards a specific direction in order to manipulate them for a specific purpose ) , has for it’s purpose to manipulate EMOTIONALLY it’s followers through Magical thoughts and Superstitious believes , Rituals, and Mysticism, all these cult leaders use an UNKNOWN METAPHYSICAL ENTITY to attract followers to themselves , these Unknown metaphysical entities are most of the time people’s FEARS of the UNKNOWN in the universe , such as life after the death , and as well as the unknown causes of the origin of the universe and life in general, all these things these Cult leaders they themselves can not have any answers for BUT only one answer they can have , a simple magic one , that is G-O-D for GOD at once, using these 3 words they establish a Cult and find followers who unquestionably, accept these Charismatic Charlatans who know how to manipulate people’s emotionality , and remember that back 1400. to 2000.years ago human brain and mind were not as advanced as now in regards to EVOLUTION and development in sciences , people of the 2000. years ago had power full imagination and would easily be impressed by unknown natural phenomena which would have taken place around them , the CONSCIOUSNESS of the primitive man of 2000. years ago was Narrower and Limited in Space and Time , once common people’s subconscious mind is impressed by these so called charismatic Cult leaders , these people sense they have found that ABSOLUTE answer in that MAN the LEADER of the CULT , he becomes the Symbol of a hero , a role model to follow .

People are thirsty to find an answer to their miseries and specially seeking answers relating to Eternity and life and death dilemma ; these questions have created these destructive CULTS and their leaders to FOOL people and has brought nothing but MASS killing and more crimes to man kind .

Till next time.

National Democratic Republic Of Iran . [ for Iran ]

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