Who Is Telling THe Truth In Here?

Just before Ahmadinejad or IRI talk about the Qom nuclear plant, Mousavi reveals a State Secret, then shortly after, all the big nations claims that they were monitoring Iran progress for years and they knew about the secret plan. My immediate reaction to this news was, how come they all knew but no one said a damn thing and let Ahmadinejad and IRI alone  take credit for it?

Just how damaging, revealing the secret was to national securities of these countries that did not want to talk about it and kept it 

a top secret? Was it , because they didn’t want a very close friend and ally knocking at the door every few minutes and reminding them how serious the matter is to bomb Iran and there is really nothing to worry about? Like we cared if we asked Ahmadinejad: Sir how about your new plant near Qom?

What then made me sad and angry was, do these people have any respect for Iranian as people? One openly talks about massacring thousands of Iranian and possible polluting of land forever  and the other play cat and mouse game with Iranian and Israelis.

After becoming angry and disappointed. I did not think for a second that I am  all against the ruling regime in Iran.

I no longer wanted to be a calm and logical man. I just wanted to be mad and frustrated  to this notion that how shamelessly they use Iranian to advance their politics. Does  any one really cares about us Iranian? or Iran has  become the latest rescue step to curb the recession and distract the public from the real truth about our socio-economic disaster?

That truth is that our lies and deceptions(both sides) has brought us to here and we are  making it  more and more dangerous ,because no longer have any choice but continue lying and hiding with no regret or shame that we are adding to the trauma and

misery of  iranian  that are dealing with on daily basis, from inflation, economic hardship, trauma of post Iran and Iraq War to political freedom.

I found it so shameful to see Huffington Post make a slide show and claims how sincerely Moamar Qadaffi (who still looking for a place to set his tent) was right about his speech at UN?That was the last person I wanted to hear advice.

Then, when I settled down, all it  came to my mind was the  story of my first or 2nd grade book that was based on this Iranian

zarbol masal:

Kas Nakharad Poshte man Joz Nakhone angoshte man.

I for now, don’t want to hear a word about all the craps from Aristotle or Socrates and all those western idols or Islamic enthusiasts. All I wanted was to have some respect from both side of the isles(West, East and IRI).

Iranian are not just a daily diet for your States economical and political failure or corrupted and obsolete Islamic ideas.

Please stop using and abusing us on daily basis.

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