Benam Chi

Last night I was invited to a lovely dinner at a relative’s flat in London. The grace and taste of the environment, automatically made me not only feel at home, but I felt Iranian.

The art of Iranian hospitality, and it is Iranian, as opposed to English or French, makes you wonder what it is that is Iranian. In fact that taste of culture is what made us think, how united we were, and how disunited we can be in a religious or political environments.

This “ghormeh sabzi” philosophy of mine, means that culture is over and above politics, and religion. We are Iranian above Islam and democracy. It is as simple as that. No matter what we vote, and which way we pray, we are Iranian first.

And so it is rediculous that we should not use this unity to put Iran first. No one but an Iranian can appreciate that. That taste takes a lot of years to develop, and it will never disappear, as it is the oldest in the world.

We know that we have this unity and we must use it against any principle that wants to be more important, be it democracy or Islam.

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