The bitter story of the city Balkho

I do not know if you heard the name of a Persian writer who wrote satire, sarcastic, his name was Parviz Khatibi and with other Persian writer Hossein Madani , they wrote nice stories in the Persian magazines. He has written a chain funny stories which was half politic and half satire. The name of these stories was Shahr Balkh and Divane Balkh, Bazaar Balkh, the Police of Balkh and so on and on… the other one was Mr. Hamidi and Wahidi. He describes a police of Balkh, a man with mustache, thin and may be he used also opium. He is after to take illegal money from the people who make a little bit mistakes. Now even the officer will have some illegal money from the people who run for example the red terrific lights.

Know he would describe the president of Balkho, the man who does not know anything, smell very bad, cannot speak other language or English. He kisses the hand or feet of important people and he has destroyed the whole city of Balkho. This city has nothing to do with the real Balkh city in Afghanistan. It is an imaginary city or state, just for fun. The people have no work and are begging, the money and the budget of the city or state is taken by huge track from city to other countries. The people bring bad merchandise in the city, which is poisoned and or bad quality or they are used or damaged, the people have no work and because they want to forget the problems they use opium. In the school the teacher are just using the figure of the material and they draw things instead to write their name in alphabets. So the people and children do not learn to read and write; they can just draw. Simple drawing is learned in the school system of the state or city of Balkho.

The people believe in a lot of thinks which is not true. Ignorant are they. Who speak loud the city will take him to jail or he/she will be killed on the street by the trained police forces that can shoot in the heart or head only. They arrest the girls or women without any small excuses and they rape them sexually and than they kill them or burn them. The neighbor cities of the Balkho are very satisfied, because the people of Balkho are very stupid and they misuse them and make more money through them. They come in their city as cheap worker and cheap slaves. What ever they want the government of Balkho will give them. So they get richer and richer and the people of Balkho get poorer and poorer. What ever they dictate the president or king of Balkho will sign. He said that is not my father heritage why I should not give them to other people. He thinks the people of Balkho like to be poor and stupid. Who ever ask him why he is so generous of the budget of the government, he will say to him go to hell.

He destroyed also the industries of the city, by bringing a lot of cheap and bad products from other countries, so their own products have no customers any more. But he does not understand that he should support the local industries and local product, so the people can have work. But he does not care. He even sell the girls and young women and young men of the city of Balkho to the rich people of the dessert so they can have sex slave and male slave cheap for their life. He gave also to some of the strong but stupid young people money and he say to them if they fight for him and if they kill or be killed will go to the paradise, and in paradise there are hurries who are always virgins, you can have a lot of intercourse with them and after you take out your pennies from their vagina the virginity comes back and like a wound, they get virgin again. They are very beautiful and you can have at least seventy of them. You can live there like a king.

So they are so persuade that they got guns and rifle and or sword and kill who ever the president point on them. Who protest against me or said any word that I do not like, you can kill him/her and as I said if you get kill, it is better for you, because you will get a lot of virgin hurries. The president prays a lot in Arabic, but he does not understand what he is saying, because his mother language is Arabic, but he did not study that very well. He can speak very poor and he cannot use a lot of good words. He says that his mother was hurries and for this reason he had a ring of light above his head. But not every body can see this ring, only the people who are very religious can see this ring of light.

For destroying he acts like a bulldozer alone. He says that he got his PhD in destroying the city, and how can a person destroy the whole city, was his article for getting his PhD from the University of Balkho. He does not respect the people and he thinks he should be respected very much. The people afraid to say anything, who have the courage to say something, will be killed right away. The young people who did not hire by his forces, have to go to other cities of other countries to work there as simple workers. Or they go and bag in other continent; he did a lot of people homeless, because he fights for nothing. Just to have fun and have something to do. He likes fighting, especially in the time that millions of people die or lose their health, he is very happy. He thinks as long as the people are killed, are not healthy and very poor, they cannot protest against him. And some how he has also right.

He says very easily the lie and if the people ask him why he lied, he will say that he did not say that or lie is fine. The people say he prays always, but to say lies he is very well trained. It is said that he cleaned the street before, but one day as the king of city has to be changed, he was in a certain place and the king eagle flied and sat in his head. So he get sort of king or president, he will to be both actually as he did not decided if he wants to be called as Mr. President or Your majesty. The people say before him there was a king who died and the eagle of the king chose him. First the people were as happy as they thought a poor street cleaner will be their king and he will understand the poor people very well and will help them a lot, but soon they realized that to be good and bad has nothing to do to be poor or rich.

The people even say that the eagle of the king was forced to do this job and some people gave him something to eat, like opium or so and to sit on the head of the beggar was program zed by specialists. Or it was a computerized eagle. They wanted the whole country be bad, so they get paid by foreigners to do this job. So after the bagger is king or president, most people are poorer than before, the industries of the country is collapsed completely, the money of the city is taken by the trailers or truckers out of the city. The school and universities are close to having a new system. In this system the people should learn how they can kiss the feet or hands of the important people and how they can admire them.

Most of the young people who cannot do anything use drugs, or go out of the country, prostitution is in excellent condition and the king or president likes that, because they get heavy taxes from the prostitutes and if they do not give, they kill them. Or they kill them by thronging stones on them.

He divided the young people in different groups, leftist, lose leftist, heavy leftists, calm leftist, rightist, heavy rightist, royalist, capitalist and so on. They fight with each other and kill each other; the government encourages them to fight with each other, so they are busy for a while. He puts the whole country of Balkho on the auction or market and every body from other countries can take from the country what ever he/she wants. He sell very cheap and keep the money for himself and his friend and a little part of that money also divided between the police forces. To cheat and say lie is free, to steel and rob is also is not important, as long as they can get a certificate from the city for their activities. If you want to do bad things and lie, you should pray before doing that, it is OK than. As long as you pray for what ever you do; it is fine. Any bad things if it is for religion of the city are allowed to be done. For example sex before marriage or homosexuality is bad, but if you read a pray for them and pay the tax; it will be OK.

The factories are closed and the people have no work, so they get a job as a thief or prostitute legally. The school are closed, because they afraid that the people learn to read and write so they can read foreign newspapers or book and have knowledge, so it will be difficult in that case to have them quiet like now. As long as in the bitter city of Balkho, the people do not understand the different between A and B; it is fine. The young people are killed, or use drugs, or go to other countries only some young people are hired in the forces by the government of the bagger. Or some do bad action like robbing and prostitution activities. The other young people who did not want to take one of these activities, they are in jail. These young people wanted to be nice, but in jail they rape them and damage their characters. The official religion of the city is to admire the Satan, the angel of God. So they want that the people flow their religion by force and kill, be unjust, rape, be thieves, lie, and destroy and like sex, money, and pray to Satan every day fifty times a day. They want the whole world be admiring the Satan, their Love Idle.

But the people who have a plan for them, want that the people be poor, uneducated, stupid so they can rob them easily and they want they should no have any industries, so they are always in need to their products. They say a lot of bad things about the president of the king of Balkho, they say he is cheater, robber, stupid, murder, and a bad man, but they invite him and make contract with him, because they want their own benefits. In the time that he is in their country, they call him, the Majesty, Mr. President God is with you; you are the shadow of God, but in reality he prays to Satan. Because what ever they dictate to him, he writes and signed. They say to the people of Balkho that the picture of him was in the moon and other stars, and he is from the hurries mother, who came to earth for fun and married his father. Every body should take respect of him and admire him as far as he can. All foreign radios and television, newspaper says about this.

The people, who saw his face in the moon, should force other people to believe this and if they insist not to believe they can even kill them. All philosopher and scientists of the country of Balkho gathered in a conference and many days they discussed that they saw even his picture in moon as it was a full moon or even as it was just half moon. Some people said they did not see his picture in the half moon, but in the full moon; the government will kill them immediately, because they disrespect the king or president. He wants to be both, King and President in the same time.

Many days and months the people discuss about this matter. And scientist and writers wrote a lot of books about this, some books were even five hundred pages. Some people believe these people and if they do not believe; they will be in trouble. That is their high knowledge if they can persuade other people to believe that his face is in the moon. They say this knowledge even is more important as flying to the moon. If his face is in the moon or not. They wanted even ask astronauts to fly there and see if his face is there or not. Some people even suggested they should open a university and only in this university they should discuss about only this matter. Billions of dollars is the budget of this university, but they are allowed in this university only discuss about his face. So they want hire professor from the whole world to teach only this matter at this university and not other subjects.

If they can prove that his face was in the half moon or full moon, will be another subject they can research about it. The foreign professor will be paid ten times more as in your countries if they research this matter in the City of Balkho. They should teach also this knowledge to the students of the Country of Balkho. The religious scientist have promised and take an odd ; they can give a permission to every body to kill the people who say they did not see the face of the king not in the moon or half moon and they are very serious about this.

The people from super power countries who gave the place of king or president to a so stupid person are very happy; they paid million of dollars for the advertisement to influence people that he is very cleaver and his picture in half moon and in the full moon. They are so happy that he is destroying the whole system and the whole economic construction of the City so the people cannot do anything and will be always be the customer and slave they will be dependent on them only. They afraid they get independent and they cannot rob their country any more. And they cannot sell their products to them any more. They fight with him just to show that they are against him, but they want to show this and will to cheat the people that they do not like him, but in reality they support him, because he fix their benefits. They give him all the city money, so he can destroy them and the people do not get anything. They want to change the city as a city for the dead people.

They divide people in different groups and encourage them to fight with each other. The stupid president or king did this action very well and their support admire him a lot as he gave the whole benefits to them and not to his own people. And he thinks that he will be President and King of the Balkho City or country as long as the world exists. He cannot understand that they can remove him any time they want, if he does not listen to them properly. They have media in their control and the media can make him in one day the worst person in the world. As they did him in few months the best person in the world and paid millions of dollar to persuade people that he is a very highly respected personality. He was a bagger, because he wanted not to be a bad man, they told people. But now he wants to keep his place even if they order him to kill most of the people of the City of Balkho.

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