To the Iranian lionesses and lions who fight for the freedom of people.

Salute to the Iranian girls and women, the lioness of Iran and salute to the young men the lions of Iran. They are fighting for freedom of Iran.

With salute to them who fight with hands against guns and are killed on streets for the freedom of others. For having a powerful Iran, with educated free people.

The eagle of king sat on the head of a poor man, a bagger. All the poor people were as happy as they saw one of them will be the King of the country soon. All the poor people thought this bagger who asked so many time for a penny and cries for a meal, will be in their side and will understand their problems. They thought this poor man who is king now , will bring just and unity and will stop the unjust and taking illegal money, killing innocent people and will open the schools and work for every body. The cry of joy of young people shacked the air and their cry was so powerful like a bomb. Their throats were destroying by shouting long live the king, long live the king.

Every body was happy and they dance and sing on the street as the eagle of king chose a bagger for them as a king of the country. They thought their bad time and unhappy time will be finished soon as a bagger is their king. They saw soon the poor bagger in the garment of a king. And the people were so happy, that nobody can describe it.

No a bagger a very old man, who is religious also is their king, he knows the pain and as he lived with the pain, he can take it off from the people. He was in exile, poor, and bagger. The people gave him money to live as a donation. He will not forget his old friends and the people who have helped him. For them and for their children he will bring just and unity and he will help the poor to have the same advantage and the same possibilities as the rich and other people.

But after a short time the people feel that they have mistaken. The new king gathers the killer around himself and paid them to kill the people who helped him; he does not want to see them any more. He does not like to see the people who know him and who have helped him in the past. So he gave money to the murder to cut their neck and take off heir head from their bodies. He gather also the crazy people and idiots and gave the a permission written by his hand and his signature that they can kill people who have helped him before, who gave him money in the past. Who have helped him to come to the capital city to be chosen as a king? So nobody could say any more that they were his friends or they helped him. He gets free from his entire past friend and helpers.

The poor people who have a lot of hope, they give up their hope very fast and they knew now he is the worst person in the world and much worse that the last king. The old man over eight change to be a real Satan. The bloods were purring every where and make him happy to see so much blood from the body of young people. He let the people who were crazy kill anybody they wanted without any trail or court system. The court system was under his command and nobody could speak against him. All the newspapers which were against him were burned out. And their writers were killed. He let his people through the young people from the roofs of the houses down and kills them. The murders and thieves were all state secretaries and wear the garments of the ministries; they were general in one day without visiting any military academy. The killer was the head of the state secretary or the head of important government offices. He killed millions of people and introduce to them drugs and opium. So they will be weak and they could not study. He closed all universities and school so the people could not learn any more.

The foreigner’s powers were very happy, they said bad words about him, but in reality they liked him, as he destroyed their components, concurrence and damaged the society and economy of that country. Now all factories were destroyed, their entire worker had no work and used drug to forget their unlucky situation. The poor get poorer and the unhappy people get worst situation they can even imagine. Every where were police and authorities who kill the people who walk on the streets and who speak loud even. They took them in the jail and rape them, so they can have no proud any more. He sold the young girls and boys to other countries as sex slave and male slave. So the people should live in fear and poorness. The mothers and fathers advised their children to be quite and do not fight with him, because he is very cruel and will kill them. They do not want to lose their children. They should keep quite and live at least.

But one day the young girls and boys who were quite because of the respect of their parent, who asked them not to interfere in the politics, gathered together and shouted and cried they want freedom. They break their quietness and wanted freedom. Many of them have been killed by the cruel bagger, who was no a king. The Zohak or Azhidahak. They do not want to live in this condition any more under the cruelty of Azhidahak. A king son named Fereidon came out and a man named Kaveh Ahanger who was a working with iron, took his leader as a flag and gathered the people under his leader and they went all together to the palace of the bagger king, the lionesses and lions, the young people girls and boys came after him and they had the power of unity. Kaveh and Fereidon together with the boys and girls went to the palace of the thieves and rape men who were gathered there to kill young people and take their brain washed and give to the snakes in the palace. Even two snakes were growing on the shoulder of the old bagger now. They eat only the brain of young people. They live in a palace full of gold and silver which has been taken from the people. They sent these to other countries for themselves.

The Kaveh hit so hard on the head of Satan with his hammer, that he fell down and the snaked were running away, but the bold young girls and boys killed them. Fereidon hit all bad people with his weapons and the young girls and boys helped him. So they got the freedom. They did not want that the eagle of the king chose a king for them any more. They wanted a gather ring from wise people should choose the best one to be a king of them. But with limited power and with contact with the wise people.

Now the eagle could not choose the king and sit on the head of stupid people to make him/her a king or queen. Only the group of wise men and women could choose a nice good king or queen for the people. Com. All people have the freedom to do what ever they wanted as long as they do not disturb other people freedom. The ways were open and the people could travel where ever they wanted. The newspapers and radios were free to say the true. All the great Iran, Aryana, the big Khorasan and Turan were united now and the people in this huge nice country live in peace and unity and they had a lot of school and universities for young people. Nobody used drug any more and no body wanted to be a bad women or man any more. The Satan gone and the good God came back. The nice true speaking, nice true thinking and nice and good actions were the religion or people Love and Unity.

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