Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom

Dear Queen Elizabeth II of GB & New World Order,
I as a citizen of the Earth ask you kindly to stop all Wars and world staged Games at once. We know that you rule the world since you are the richest person on the planet. We know that you have class and the best education since you were brought up in an Aristocratic family of noble English people descended from Ancient Greeks and the Romans. We know that you order most Wars, Fixed Earthquakes, Tsunami, Famines and more. We know that you have infiltrated in the rich US lobbies and Political Parties including the Freemasons/ kingmakers. We know that you use the mighty American Military machine to orchestrate the wars for you from our tax payers money using the American & British mercenary soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan. We know that you and the Russians were behind the so called Iranian revolution in 1979 which toppled an Iranian patriot called the Shah of Persia and replaced him with your puppet Islamic Republic/ Ayatollahs. We know that you are after the Armageddon in order to see the Gods in your life time and bring the New World Order. Therefore We pray to you instead of God for strength, determination and will power, To do instead of just pray, To become instead of merely to wish. Only then you will not be lonely in your Buckingham Palace and have the whole world to love you unconditionally by bringing peace to this world, since the price of not accepting the imperfect people is to commit ourselves to loneliness. In end times please do forgive me for writing this letter since i truly love you from the bottom of my heart. Only then the true creators will show their true faces to the citizens of the world.

N.B. Let the Creators to pull the strings on us. One last thing, let go of land of Cyrus the Great for all those Empires that tried to bully this holy land they only got their own Empire destroyed for good.

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