This Time, the Hawks Are French

But there’s something that’s not clear: how this America reacts now when it’s told it’s behaving weakly, indecisively, or perhaps deceptively in inadequately trying to stop Iran’s rush toward a nuclear weapon.

Which is just the argument that France’s nuclear nonproliferation experts are making. They suggest the Americans are selling likely Iranian trickery as hopeful signs, and toying with potential agreements with the mullahs that resemble the American concessions on North Korea which have led only to its nuclear and ballistic missile tests.

Thérèse Delpech of the French Atomic Energy Commission has said it’s difficult to understand how any relief could be felt from steps which involve tentative agreements for inspectors to visit a previously hidden uranium enrichment plant at Qum and, separately, for Iran to export some of its enriched uranium — God knows how much more is stashed away — for processing.


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