While the Blood of Iranian Protesters is Still Running in the Streets, Mansour is Having a Concert in Toronto!

I recently wrote an article about Mansour, the Iranian singer who had a concert in NOKIA CLUB in Los Angeles on September 26th 2009. This was quite disturbing since NOKIA has provided the Iranian regime with a “monitoring center” that enables security forces to tap cell phones, scramble text-messages, and interrupt calls. NOKIA’s new surveillance system has enhanced the regime’s ability to crack down on dissent during recent protests.

For an Iranian singer to have a concert in club NOKIA, after the bloody protests in Iran and the arrest, torture, rape and death of so many protestors, where NOKIA was at least partly responsible for the crack down on the dissidents is very shameful.

By refusing to cancel the concert or change its location Mansour made it clear that the plight of freedom loving Iranians does not concern him. He held his concert at the expense of the blood of young Iranians who are fighting for freedom in Iran.

Mansour is having a concert in Toronto on November 28th 2009 at the International Centre. Even though I have always been a big fan of Mansour, I will be boycotting his upcoming concert as well as any other concert he may have in the future. His betrayal of the Iranian people will not be forgotten.

I urge all freedom loving Iranians to boycott his Toronto concert and send him a loud and clear message that the betrayal of the pro-democracy movement of the Iranian people in Iran will not be tolerated by Iranians abroad.

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran

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