Hajiagha finds a girl-friend (Episode 3)

Photo Caption: Tehran, Canadian flag as a bike seat. Not sure if they meant it as good or bad! Perhaps they knew of Hajiagha!

(((three parentheses means that person is thinking to self)))

Hajiagha and Roya are driving in the car

R: I want American food this time

H: Ok as long as it is not Canadian

H: (((That Camaro is nice)))

R: My shoulders are hurting.  They hurt sooo badly

H: (((Oh now this Mercedes look better)))

Roya slaps Hajiagha

R: Where are you?  Did you hear what I said?

H: akkhhhh! What is the matter? What?  I’m just sitting here minding my own business

R: Oh sorry sweetie, I said my shoulders are hurting

H: So?

R: So? So say something nice

H: Ok we’ll go to an Iranian store and I’ll get you some Iranian Vicks

R: There is no such thing as an Iranian Vicks.  Just rub my shoulder and say something nice

H: I am driving.  Ok here you go.  Here, my kitty kitty kitty! Is that any better? Sweetie!

R: rolling her eyes A little better… watch out! Don’t hit the man on the bicycle!

H: God damn Mother &%*^r!  Where the hell did he come from?  See what you made me do?

R: slaaappp!! Don’t miss the restaurant!!

Breakkkk! Tire squeeekkkk!!

H: I lost my appetite again.  What is this place?

They walk in the restaurant.

Hostess: Hello

R: Two please by the window and a booth

Hostess: We don’t have a window booth.  How about a booth or table by the window over there?

R: Fine. Whatever

Hostess: Here we go

R: No not the window, the booth

H: (((Haji be careful, seems like attitude, watch-out!)))

Hostess: Okay let’s move

H: Finally we’re here.  So what do you want?

R: I haven’t even seen the menu.  What is wrong with you?

H: (((God not another “show” with the waitress please)))

Waitress: Hello folks.  My name is Heather and I’ll be your waitress today.  Can I get you something to drink?

R: I have not seen the menu.  How about some water?

Waitress:  So 2 waters?

R: For now

R: whispering to Haji’s ear What a bitch!

H: Why a bitch?  What did she do?

R: You don’t understand.  Didn’t you see what she said?

H: Come on not again

R: What? Closes the menu

H: Okay, ookay, look at the menu and see what you want.

Heather: Here you are, 2 waters

H: cuse me, would you possibility mmm, ex-plane Jerk Chicken? what is?

Heather: Jerk Chicken is like Jamaican chicken a little sweet and spicy and tart maybe

H: Jamaica like Hashish? Hehehe

Roya kicks Haji under the table

Heather: I don’t know, so can I get you all anything else to drink?

They finally order and start eating

R: You always eat like someone is after you and then you leave me eating alone and the waitress will keep asking if I’m done

H: It is not my fault.  I always eat like this and nothing I can do.  You eat like a turtle

R: God!

On their way back home

H: (((I am going to watch TV when we get home)))

R: We’re going to Shohreh and Nima’s home tonight.  Did you get my jacket from dry cleaning?

H: (((A hot tea and relax on the couch)))

R: Hello?? Anybody up there??

H: akkhhh!! What? What is this time?

R: You don’t listen to me

H: So what is it, say it again.  How hard is it to say it again?

R: We’re going to Shoreh and Nima’s home tonight

H: I don’t think so, I’m tired and like to relax

R: How much more relax can you get? 

H: Anyway I want to stay home tonight

R: Don’t-you-start-with-me!

H: (((oh god what do I do, just bite the tongue, bite it!)))

H: I’m just tired

R: Well ok maybe we go dancing tonight instead

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