How fast Israel can be injected into a discussion of “bavaseer”.

I am amazed at how fast, good topics that can be discussed with civility so that readers benefit from written exchanges turn to a hate fest for Israel, on a web site called

Normally, one of the first 5 responses to most blogs turns the discussion to Israel.  Sometimes I want to write a blog on bavaseer and its causes to see how some of the half dozen regular Israel-Jew haters on this site can relate the issue to Zionism.

Believe me, knowing how they think and write, the logic they use and the obscure links they post, they CAN do it.

We have taken the idea of “6 degrees of separation” a few steps ahead; for some of us Iranians, its the 2 degrees of separation.

Hemorrhoids —->  A ——> Israel

Diarrhea —-> B —–> Isreal

Ghormeh Sabzi —–> C —–> Zionism

Discovery of new Galaxy ——> D —–> Jews

New portable operating system —–> E ——> Israel

Los Angeles Lakers ——> F ——-> Israel

Sex and Iranian men —— G ——-> Israel

I believe there is a systematic reason for all of this.  The more Israel is discussed, the less time is spent in IRI and its crimes, the oppression of 50 million people, billions of stolen $, government sanctioned rapes, etc etc. 

I don’t know if these people are paid agents of IRI or not.  Who knows.  I just hope in case they are, the pay is good because they have and are continually selling pieces of their soul and integrity with what they do. 



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