Where is Masoud Rajavi?

More bad news from Iran: Khamenei is not dead. There were rumors that he was in a coma and on the verge of death. But today he had a meeting with some foreign president. He’s not looking good though. I bet you he has aged rapidly since the election. His conscience is weighing heavily on him. He can continue to put on a brave face and say everything is fine. But the wonderful thing about the mind of every human being is that you cannot lie to yourself.

Every step we take that leads to hurting others will shoot a bullet right through our own brain. The bullets are only chemical reactions and we usually survive them. But multiply them by 75 million (Iran’s population suffering under your rule), times the number of people who have been killed/executed by your direct orders or by your agents, times the number of prisoners who are in prison for criticizing you and your regime, times the amount that the Revolutionary Guards alone has pocketed from huge business deals, times the number of times you have lied … and they quickly add up.

Anyway, Khamenei’s death rumor reminded me of another political leader who’s gone missing for a long time.

I was having lunch with a friend the other day and talking about current events. Camp Ashraf came up and the tragic situation facing the Mojahedin members trapped inside. He said he thinks Masoud Rajavi is dead. No one has seen or heard of him for a very long time.

He made me think. My goodness, Masoud really has been silent for years. Am I wrong? Hasn’t anyone wondered what happened to him? I mean we just a had few months of extraordinary events that have shaken the foundation of the Islamic Republic and we haven’t heard a peep — or tweet — from Masoud.

It IS really odd that there have been no statements from him about the elections and its aftermath. We have seen his wife Maryam making public statements and speaking to the press. But where’s Masoud. I’m surprised we have all forgotten about him.

To be honest I don’t read the news much and I don’t follow other blogs. So I may be completely off on this subject. Maybe Masoud has been seen and heard of in recent months. But if not, then where is he?

I’m not trying to make him a target for the Islamic Republic by exposing his whereabouts. But I’m just wondering what has happened to the leader of a major opposition group. He can’t just disappear. I mean he can, but people are going to wonder after a while. It’s like Reza Pahlavi going into hiding for a year or two without anyone noticing. Mani nadaareh.

So is Masoud dead? When/where did that happen? If he’s alive and well, how could he NOT make public speeches during these critical months. Was he badly wounded during the US invasion of Iraq? Daastaan chiyeh?

I’m just asking, that’s all.

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