The Future Of An illusion …

From the facts and experiences of any Iranian it can be attested by any one the fact that Iranian and it’s constituent Ethnic minorities ( i am talking about the Majority of the minorities and not that small fraction of ethnic minorities,yourselves guess who they might be ), have failed and continue to fail in their unification as a nation.

It seems from the historical facts which is full of messes in Iranian political history, that Iranian can NEVER bring themselves together and create a common vision which is acceptable by all the nation. The hopeless nation of Iranian are rallying behind a so called green movement hopelessly and think the leaders of that statue and nature can bring freedom for the nation at large, how diminished and low a nation has become that they place their hopes and dreams of a free nation on two corrupted human beings (Mousavi and Karoubi ) once more creating Idols from human beings to follow, people are rallying behind these people for freedom from the Islmic monster that they have themselves created (specially the believers in Islam and Muslims in Iran whom have destroyed by their own hands our Persian culture and sold our nation to the Criminals of Islam ).They are creating another dictator to follow, and IMPOSING this movement to all the rest of Iranian with out considering the opinion of the other Iranian nationals, this IMPOSITION has to stop in any future political movement in Iran and the freedom of opinion and discussion must be openly arranged between citizens every where.

It is a sad story again ; to be Iranian it is a disaster, Iranian as a nation are so arrogant and selfish of themselves, the example of Jewish people is a good one to demonstrate these people’s CARE and love for each other, the mass murder of Jewish by a Hitler and the concentration camps that Hitler opened to capture the Jewish has caused a strong brotherhood and the feeling of protection among the Jewish, going back further in the history of Jewish persecution to Egypt, at Pharaoh’s time we see the same thing taking place, the persecution of the Jewish by the Pharaohs and their final freedom by Moses .

What can be said comparing Iranian nation to Jewish people, all those persecution brought Jewish people closer to each other and they universally created a social protective net, that where ever they went in any corner of the world they could find help whether financially or otherwise to rescue each other and help each other any way they could, but when we look at Iranian nation we see all these political disasters in Iran has had a reverse effect on the Iranian nation and has further driven them apart and the getting togetherness between them has grown even further away, Iranian social, political, problem looks like a total abysmal INSANITY, as if we are living with INSANE nation from it’s very ROOTS till now, i shall say from the time Islam put it’s murderous foot into our land.

Iranian nation feels really like an INSANE nation, dealing with Iranian i mean the social interaction with them feels like facing an enemy, all social interpersonal relationship with an Iranian nationals is full of TENSION, CONFLICTS, CONFRONTATION, SUSPICION, all these frustrations are ever present once Iranian face each other in their daily lives.

Iran and Iranian are a total mess from inside outside. I am sure that is why so many of caring Iranian have given up any involvement what so ever concerning Iran and Iranian, they think this MESS and INSANITY called Iranian nation is so incurable and a waist of time, thus following their lonely existence and eventually an individualistic path in life.

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