Hungarian MP: Jews want to take over the world

A member of Hungary’s main opposition party has accused the Jews of trying to take over the country.

“I’m a Hungarian nationalist. I love my homeland, love the Hungarians and give primacy to Hungarian interests over those of global capital – Jewish capital, if you like – which wants to devour the entire world, especially Hungary,” Oszkar Molnar, a member of parliament, said in a television interview earlier this month.



s proof of his assertion that Jews are plotting to take over Hungary, Molnar claimed to have discovered that the language of instruction in Jerusalem’s schools is Hungarian, and when asked why, students said they were “learning their future homeland’s language.”

The statement sparked an outcry among Hungarian politicians, with protests coming from, inter alia, the ruling Socialist Party, the youth wing of the Alliance of Free Democrats, and a group of intellectuals known as the Democratic Network, as well as the Jewish community.

But Molnar’s party, Fidesz, has not condemned his statement – and Fidesz, according to the polls, is likely to take power when elections are held this spring. Party leader Viktor Orban did term the statement “embarrassing,” but declined to denounce it. He said he would not even consider ousting Molnar from his party or parliamentary faction, as the remark “did not violate the party’…

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