The Balkho king, the girls from paradise and the Amish of USA

Balkho king, hurries of Paradise and the Amish of USA.

I do not know if you heard the word Amish or not? They are a group of people who live in USA also. They try to live very simple and they are trying not to use the machines, they do not like the industrial culture. They want to live like two hundred years ago. They live also in Europe and they live very nice and simple. I heard they do not send the girls to high school and universities, because they mean their females get corrupted. The divorce is very bad between them and I heard they do not like divorce at all.

They do not even use in agricultural activities the machines. In an industrial country like USA, that the people are trained to buy and after two years or one year they should through away and buy a new machine; it is very interesting that the Amish try not to use the machines. In USA the credits companies gave so easily money to people that they should spend and these people are trying not to spend a lot of money for machines and luxuries. The people in USA even are trained more materials as they really need. As their factories make them or they bring now from China and they want to sell these materials and make money, they do not want to store all these materials.

The people change every two years their American made call, if they do not they have to pay a lot of money for the repair. The Amish fight with this type of life and they want to live simple, so they do not need machines. Agricultural activities and handy crafts is the main business they operate. Their children are trained with the old method, but even between the Amish is differences, some of them are very radical, and some of them are more moderate. Some of them even do not use cars.

But the industrial life had their bad sides also. Destroying the world with poison, destroying the families and worship the luxury life is the negative side of the modern life. May be the best way is a moderate way, not to be slave of modern life and not to live like two hundred years ago.

Now the king of the city Balkho said the same thing, we do not need the technologies, we do not need to have relationship with other countries, we do not need the modern medicine, our religious people can pray and the sickness will go away, because the sickness is from Satan and only the clergy people can do it. So give your money to the clergies and they will help you. But when he had a diseases; he brought the best doctor from Paris. And he used the best and the most expensive drugs and the best new medical technique for himself and his friends and families. But for the people he says; you do not need. Because the people are not important for him.

He told the people why you want the modern technique, why you want schools and universities, these modern materials are for donkeys. Why you want to spend a lot of money to bring the huge factory to develop iron and produce Iron, you do not need Iron at all. Instead of producing iron, you can pray, the more you pray, the more you are busy and you will be closer to God. You should not delay your pray, the whole day you have to pray and say the word of God. But the eye witness told some people that he never prays. Only in the time he is with the people he shows that he prays. He continued if you pray all your difficulties will remove. Why you thing about universities and their entry exams, was there thousand years ago university like it is now? Do not go after science and universities, go after pray and fasting. Instead of studying fast and pray. That is good for other world, too. Give all your money to the clergies; they can buy for you nice palaces and nice hurries and ghelman in paradise. The hurries vagina is virgin, after you did your intercourse as long as you take your pennies off, their vagina change to virgin again like a wound and their vagina will be close again. And the ghelman have nice pennies big and hard like stone. Their pennies are always hard, never soft.

You should prepare yourself for the other world which is nicer and better than this world. Give this world just for clergies; they can help you to get a nice palace in the other world. Which is better this world or the other world with hurries and ghelmen? The young influenced people cried very loud the other world. Long live hurries and death to the world.

Why you are reading so many different books they destroy your brain. They bring doubt in your life. You should only read the only book that we have and it is in the Latin words, even if you do not understand; it is fine, just read. Do not be worry about the understanding. I said that the government should open a ministry or state secretary for doubt and I appoint their minister or state secretary by myself. You do not understand; I know every thing. The God loves the poor, so you have to get poor to get the love of God. To be comfortable and have a nice life and nice women and a lot of money here, will guide you to Satan. The doctors and scientists are all the flowers of Satan and universities are the palace of Satan. All of all disasters are from the universities and science.

Doctors and scientist are not good, they are expensive and they do not believe in God or they doubt about God as they cannot see Him, they do not believe like you do. So you are better and more than them. They are not important. A clergy can do the work of ten doctors and very fast, he can pray for you and your diseases are away. The clergy is connected with God directly, but the doctors are counted indirectly with doubt to the God. We did not have thousand years ago these types of doctors and the people were happier also.

Your brain is limited you cannot understand. So give all your money to the clergies, so they can pray for you and get a nice place in other world for you. The money will corrupt you. The money in your hand guides you to Satan. Through them away and give to clergies; they can clean it. You cannot clean your money, they have the knowledge to clean it, and you do not have the knowledge. For you to be poor is much better, you have no possibilities to make any sin, so you will go directly to the paradise. Give your money to them, to the clergies, they are pure and knowledgeable so the Satan cannot cheat them, but the Satan can cheat you easily if you have money. You are simple and ignorant, so the Satan will destroy you and your other world. But if you have no money, the Satan will not consider you. Live in poverty, the Satan has no interest about the poor people.

I alone am cleverer as twenty millions of ignorant people like you. I am sorry to say that but you are stupid. And the people cried, long live the King. I can decide for all of you. If fourty million people like you stupid people say No, and I say yes, my yes is more valuable than your no. And the people again cry Long Live the King our shade of God. Any words and any sentences that I say is important, but all your sentence are useless and all your thinking is not valuable even fourty millions of you say the same thing, still is not so good as my decision. You should listen to me and obey me totally; the God chose this place for me, and not you. The God helped me to get ride of the donkey of power and all of you are walking behind me. You should respect me like your God, because he sent me. And he creates all of you just to obey me.

The excited young people cried very loud, long live the king, the shade of God or may be the God. The king did not correct this also; he liked to be the God in the Earth for the Some young people they cried so loud that their sound parts of their body were destroyed so the ambulance came and took them to hospital to be operated. Few people also died in the excited crowed and or get sick. Because of the pressure and lack of oxygen.

You should do not want this world with so many difficulties. You should be killed in the war so you can go to the paradise. The hurries have all of them scarf and are in very good condition. They are virgin for ever, so they are better than the girls on the earth. In the time you make intercourse their virginity destroys and you do not have a virgin girl any more. But the hurries change to virgin again and again, which one is better? The wise man will chose hurries. A young man told, your majesty as the paradise is so good, why you do not go there and will have the nice life there? The king said first I have good life here. I have a lot of girls here, I use them only one time, and after that I let them to live in Harem. In Harem I cut the testis of the men, so the are eunuch. They take care of the girls which are now women and they cannot intercourse them, because their pennies cannot be hard any more. So if I go to paradise that will take care of all these stupid men and women? And the God chose me for the earth to help the girls and give them semen of mine, because my semen is holly. My pennies are holly, too. Eighty years ago, I wanted to go to paradise, but the God say no, we will make the paradise for you on the earth. You are the king.

So I take the girls from the earth and you get the girls from the heaven. I do it just to help the people. I should change every day the girl, because they are just one day virgin, and I can use them just one time. They get my semen and go to the Harem. And the people without testis will guard them, so they can have never another intercourse with other normal men. You see the bee have a queen and all other bees work for her. And all of them obey the queen bee. I am the same situation; you should obey me work for me like slave. And your girl should be pregnant by my semen, because it is pure and holly. Just like bee culture. But he bees cannot go to paradise and cannot get the hurries or ghelman, you can do that, the God did this just for you.

This life is for you full of trouble. You should work hard. The wife has a lot of costs. But the hurries are free. There are free food and free hurries. There is honey and milk every where; you do not need to drink water any more. Which wise man will chose water and the life here and not hurries and honey, milk. So go ahead and be killed for my instruction and you will go to the paradise and will get the hurries. One of the young men again asked, but as it is so good in paradise why you do not come with us and be killed. The king get angry took his gun and shoot him. And said if somebody is so stupid and cannot understand my words; it is better to be killed by me. The crowd again cried loud long live the king.

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