US-Israel “special ties” near breaking point?

The US-Israeli relations, on the surface, is depicted by many as a “special relationship,” but a silent battle over Tel Aviv’s attempts to spy on Washington is underway with the mainstream media opting to keep silent on the issue.

The spying case of a US scientist, Stewart David Nozette, popped up in the media this week, with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, charging that the US citizen has been funneling Washington’s defense and space secrets to Israel.

It is not the first time that the United States has charged individuals with top government security clearances with spying for Israel.

Nozette’s case follows a similar spying attempts in 2005 by two associates of the powerful, pro-Israel political pressure group in the US, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), who had passed sensitive US intelligence to Israel.

Also in 1987, Jonathan J. Pollard received a life sentence for passing highly-sensitive US military secrets to Tel Aviv. The Israeli government openly regarded Pollard as an Israeli hero and sought, and nearly gained, his release from prison during the Clinton administration.

In all the espionage cases the Israeli lobbyists in the US used their vast influence to make major efforts into exonerating the convicted spies. In Nozette’s case too, according to an article in a US-based alternative news web site,, the Israelis are trying to lobby for his release by alleging that the es… >>>

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