Slave to Our Own Desires

The other day a friend came over to the store and invited me to go for a ride in his brand new sports car.  I was excited and looking forward to ride in one of those fast and expensive cars that I can not afford to buy for myself.  It was a black Porsche which he had bought for around one hundred thousand dollars.  So I sat in the passenger seat, got myself strapped in, and got ready to fly.

After nearly half hour of driving I was disappointed to see that the speed never exceeded thirty in town or fifty on highway.  I could not hold myself any longer so I asked him why he was crawling along in this magnificent machine.  Without turning his face to me and still concentrating on his driving at 48 mph he told me, “aziz this is expensive car. I have paid a lot of money for it I can not go too fast and make a accident.”  When we got to the store he parked three blocks away because he could not find any space large enough to avoid other cars bumping into him when they drove away.

This reminded me of a friend who at the age of nearly seventy married a beauty half his own age and every two or three days he paid a private detective handsomely to follow her around and keep a detailed log of her activities.

We sometimes create masters just so that we can be their slaves.  

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