About the Situation of Iranian Political Prisoners

Your Excellency,

The lives of political prisoners in Iran are in danger

Over the past months you have witnessed the Iranian people’s immense and awe-inspiring non-violent demonstrations, rejecting the results of a widely organized fraudulent presidential election. Iranian people expressed their demand for free elections deliberately and peacefully. However, the Islamic Republic responded to their legitimate demand for civil liberty and justice with the bloody attacks committed by its military and paramilitary forces. Scores of demonstrators were killed, thousands were arrested, imprisoned, and were persecuted, tortured, and sexually abused by security and intelligence officials, for the sole reason of their peaceful protest against a deceitful act to maintain Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad as the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Parallel to the repression of protesters on the street, the perpetrators of the electoral coup arrested the leaders and activists of legal political organizations and parties, and launched arbitrary arrests of political opponents who have since gone through solitary confinement along with physical and mental torture, and a sham mass trial based on forced confessions.

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