Don’t help Israel

This country has a huge annual budget deficit and also a huge national debt, and yet every year we continue to give around $2.5 billion to Israel in money and armaments. Why? We do not need Israel as an ally. In fact, our aid to them turns most of the Islamic world against us.

Unfortunately, American Christians generally sympathize with the Jewish people because of their biblical history, and British Christians helped Jewish Zionists establish the state of Israel. That was a mistake. Even though Jewish people occupied Palestine a few thousand years ago, that does not give them the right to return to the area and steal the land from the Palestinians. And, no, their god did not give the land to the Jews. That is a false claim based on Bronze Age mythologies.

Let’s ignore the powerful Jewish lobby in Washington, D.C., and stop all aid to Israel now! Instead, let’s use the savings to reduce our deficit.

Stephen R. Clark

Salt Lake City


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