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Dear Maryam,

In a few hours, NIAC will hold its sixth major conference on Capitol Hill. Our panelists range from prominent human rights activists to former US hostages in Iran. It will be a great event and we will make the video and transcripts available to you if you can’t make it.

The conference shows the growing prominence of the Iranian Americans voice that NIAC provides.

Few in Washington have failed to notice this voice. See for instance Jordan Michael Smith’s article in World Politics Review – Inside Obama’s Iran Policy Shop. It tells the tale of the work NIAC does for our community and beyond.

As you know, NIAC’s growth in influence has inevitably lead to greater attacks against our organization. That is why we launched the Truth Out 2010 Campaign two weeks ago – and we never expected the overwhelming response we got. Clearly, our many supporters are just as tired of the smear campaign against NIAC as we are.

But as the attacks against NIAC have increased, numerous journalists have also covered the truth about NIAC. Just today, the Huffington Post ran a major piece by , pointing out the progress in NIAC’s lawsuit against Hassan Daioleslam. Stein’s piece also contained testimony by prominent Beltway players, rejecting the accusations against NIAC.

“I think the charges are absolutely baseless,” said Steve Clemons, a bipartisan highly-respected foreign policy voice in the D.C. community and fellow at the New America Foundation. “I know Trita and I know many of the people involved in the organization… They are transparent and upfront. They take on their critics in public forums. That is what you are supposed to do in the think tank business… They have a perspective but it is done above board. I’ve also seen him say things that in no way would thrill the Iranian government.”

I encourage you to send the Huffington Post article to all your friends. Post it on your Facebook. Tweet about it. And let your friends also know about the new Fact vs Myth section on our website in which we dispel the many lies and myths that have been spread about NIAC. This is us fulfilling our promise to you to stand firm, dispel the myths and strengthen the Iranian Americans voice through the 2010 Truth Out Campaign!

Thank you!

PS. If you haven’t already, join hundreds of others and make a donation to NIAC’s 2010 Truth Out Campaign! It’s tax-deductible and it is through your help that NIAC has made it this far!

Trita Parsi

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