MON CINEMA: “Iran: Days of Crisis” aka “L’Amerique En Otage” (1991)

A Canadian TV Series Iran: Days of Crisis about 60 American hostages in Iran in 1979, the nation and the hostages’ families were plunged into a political and emotional whirlpool. Focusing on hostage John Limbert and his Iranian-born wife, this drama provides a look at the personal side of this international event.

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Cast: Arliss Howard (John Limbert), Jeff Fahey (Hamilton Jordan), Alice Krige (Parveneh Limbert), Tony Goldwyn (Jody Powell), Daniel Gélin (le Shah d’Iran), George Grizzard (Président Jimmy Carter), Ronald Guttman (Hossein), Keith Edwards (Bill Belk), Elki Jacobs (Anita Schaeffer), Micha Morrim (Iranian Officer), 


Recommended Watching:

From early 1981, here is a CBS News Report with Walter Cronkite, on the U.S. hostages being freed from Iran!

Hostages Freed from Iran – CBS News – 1981 Part I:

Hostages Freed from Iran – CBS News – 1981 Part II:

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Khamenei, American hostage ( John Limbert held hostage at US Embassy is visited by Ayatollah Khamenei, then part of the Islamic Leadership close to the Leader of the Revolution, Ayatollah Khomeiny)

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