Ayatollah Montazeri: Occupying US embassy was a mistake!

On the occasion of the anniversary of the occupation of the US embassy in Tehran, moderate cleric, Ayatollah Hoseinali Montazeri, revisited the event which he had approved of at the time, and claimed “considering the negative effects and heightened sensitivity” it produced amongst Americans, he believes it was a “mistaken” act.

The Shiite cleric added, taking over the embassy of a country that was not in “official war” with Iran was akin to “declaring war on that country.” He claimed even “some of the revolutionary and committed youth, who were instrumental in that act at the time, now believe that it was a mistake.”

Ayatollah Montazeri’s statements were posted on his official website in response to questions asked by Green Wave of Freedom website.

Ayatollah Montazeri claimed that “if it is in our national interest to re-establish relations with the US, we should not provoke mistrust and agitations with baseless slogans.”

Ayatollah Montazeri’s views are in complete opposition to Iran’s Supreme Leader who on Sunday adamantly condemned direct relations with the US and criticized the policies of Obama administration. He slammed Iran’s current negotiations with world powers claiming the outcome of these negotiations have been pre-determined by the US.

Ayatollah Montazeri, o…

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