Please select an Assembly of 30 Iranians

People listen. This is important. Someone has to formally ask it, and I am doing it.

We need 30 Iranians to represent Iran. We need to have 30 people who have shown that they have achieved above the call of duty and put Iran above everything else.

Each of the 30 has to be able to be special and have a successful life abroad. He or she must have a safe domain and be willing to sacrifice their time for representing Iran in an interim government.

The Assembly of 30 Representatives will then be presented to the UN and will represent Iran instead of this illegal regime in Iran’s Majlis. The 30 will then ask the people of Iran to peacefully remove this via non-violent strikes at the appropriate moments.

It’s prime directive is to save Iranian culture, respect and dignity now that the country has been effectively hijacked by people who have put their non-Iranian agenda above that of Iran.

Both internally and externally this regime has become unbearable and the people of the world and Iran feel that they are in danger. That is why the UN will understand the need for them.

We cannot spend too long trying to find the right people as I suspect that people will fail the challenges ahead of them as time goes by, and new members need to be chosen.

We need to make a lot of decisions and cannot sit around discussing things ad infinitum.

Please submit yourself or a candidate here.

This draft request will be edited.

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