Inside the mind of the Texas shooter

The situation of the Texas army base shooter could not have been any more Ironic!  I mean if you saw this in a Hollywood movie you’d say the script writer had too much of a wild imagination.

A U.S. Army officer named Nidal Malik Hasan; a trained psychiatrist; who dressed in traditional Arab garb inside a freaking Army base when he went out to get coffee.

When you have dual or triple allegiance stuff like this happens.  First the guy doesn’t know if he is an Arab or an American even though he is an American citizen.  Then his “Muslimness” trumps everything else.  He is a Muslim first, an Arab second, and an American last, while for most of his life he has lived in the U.S., enjoyed a crap load of freedom (not absolute but a lot more than any Arab country for sure) finished his B.S. on student loans from U.S. government, gone to medical school, done his internship, residency and fellowship on U.S. government’s dime for free.  But he hates the U.S. and the U.S. Army and the soldiers.

Then Major Hassan believes the best way to resolve his problem with America and the American Army is to go out in a blaze of glory while taking with him a whole bunch of people who didn’t have anything to do with his situation.

I am not a supporter of the Iraq war by any stretch of imagination.  Atrocities of the U.S. government in Iraq, mostly done at the hands of Bush 41 & 43 bother me to a great extent as well.  But to go off and do this?!

I was about to submit this blog and ask what is it with Arabs and this sort of mentality when I saw the headline “Jason Rodriguez shoots 7 people in a high rise in Miami”!!  Pretty sure this dude wasn’t a Muslim.  I guess these are very tough times.

We Angelinos better not cut off anyone on the freeways in the next few days. 

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