No Mercy To Any Criminals / Murderers Of Iranian Nation ..

I advice to recognize and record all the names of these Ayatollah bastards and their supporters (Basij , Passdaran , Tortureres )  in Iran and outside of Iran so they could be persecuted and if found  guilty Guiolltined or burned by Fire ! on the streets so the Islam and violators of all of us Iranian for imposing us 30 years of pain and torture to come to an eternal end .   The new revolution seems coming , sooner or later , we hope the ” National Democratic Republic Of Iran” would be replaced soon !     Viva This New Revolution .    Death to China and Russia’s government who are supporting Islamic regime and sucking out Our nation’s natural resources .   DEATH TO ARABIAN ISLAM INVADERS OF OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY … HANG + BURN ALL THESE AYATOLAHS AND CLERICS .          

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